What It’s All About

eden small colorAre you married? Do you wish to be? Do you have a good marriage, but desire for a better one? Are you struggling in your marriage and have questions? There is One with all the answers. The Eden Concept dismisses mankind’s view of marriage and sees it as God, the Absolute Authority, designed it. In this book, we throw out man’s happiness and self-gratification as the standard and instead elevate God’s Word as the design for a thriving and fulfilling marriage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newlywed or have been married for 50 years, God wants to do a work in your life and for His glory. So, journey with us as we reveal God’s plan. We start with Adam and Eve and witness the devastation that sin brought to Eden. We present God’s perfect design for Eden and show you how to re-establish it in your own marriage. We address three areas in marriage that need cultivation. We examine the ruin caused by the thorns and thistles in Eden and learn how to uproot them. Then we touch on raising children, those tender plants of Eden. Finally, we give you a glimpse into the future, perfect marriage between Christ and His Bride and reveal how your marriage can be a witness of this perfection. Get ready, once you understand marriage God’s way, there is no turning back. 

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