The Eden Concept AUDIO BOOK

Audible cover

There are a lot of great reasons to listen to audio books.  For example:

  • Audio books are convenient! You can listen anywhere…while driving, doing chores, exercising, when getting dressed in the morning or at night with the lights off.  It’s hard to read a book doing these things!
  • You can enjoy more books, more often. When you listen to audio books you have more options making it easier to listen more.
  • An expert storyteller will bring the book to life!
  • Listening to audio books helps improve your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • You won’t miss a single word! No more skimming the pages in a book. You hear it all.

And there is a great reason to listen to The Eden Concept audio book….Your marriage is worth investing in!

Marriage is hard. When you begin to flesh out “two becoming one” it sometimes gets messy. The sin nature we all deal with is enough to make any marriage a challenge. But, add to that this dark world we live in, and suddenly having a God-honoring marriage becomes quite difficult. The Eden Concept points you to the One who created marriage and shows you how to have marriage God’s way!

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If you are already an Audible subscriber, then be one of the first 5 people to leave a comment below and share this online and I’ll send you a **free promotional code** for The Eden Concept.

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